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Our Special Foods

The smoothies are made from superior ingredients
including real fruit and natural sugar.

  •         Sed luctus arcu  
    Sed luctus arcu
    22,00 $

    Fusce et risus dolor. Nullam porta at lacus a congue. Donec mollis elementum odio vitae tincidunt. V...

  •         Vestibulum ante  
    Vestibulum ante
    18,00 $

    Praesent volutpat tellus mauris, a tempus felis molestie non. Vivamus convallis, diam pharetra accum...

  •         Aenean sed  
    Aenean sed
    11,00 $

    In bibendum scelerisque nisl, eu cursus nibh sollicitudin nec. Ut placerat tincidunt euismod. Morbi ...

  •         Ut vitae varius  
    Ut vitae varius
    16,00 $

    Praesent a neque sollicitudin, molestie nisi eu, ultricies massa. Pellentesque mattis pellentesque i...

  • Food & Drink
    Famous doughnuts along with drinks
  • Desserts
    Dipping sauces and specialty fresh drinks
  • Pizza-pasta
    A piece of Louisiana in every single meal
  • Seafood
    Delicious gourmet using all natural ingredients
  • Appetizers
    Highest quality sandwiches, pizzas and soups
  • Meat
    Tropical smoothie dink gives a delicious dining
  • Cakes
    Hand-rolled soft pretzels come in a variety of flavors

Latest Menu

Feeling adventurous, add a floating shot
to the top  with a jello shot.

  • Desserts

  • Pizza-pasta

  • Seafood

Home Page

Cooking With
Love & Passion
A day made in heaven for those who love baking
prepare cakes using a variety of techniques.

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